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Manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomer compounds ( TPE, TPR ) for various purposes such as shoe soles , plastic Modifier , asphalt , home appliances , health and industry


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Amol Plastic Leetkooh Amol Plastic Leetkooh company in 1386 with the aim of producing thermoplastic elastomer compounds with production capacity of 7400 tons per year to domestic self-sufficiency and job creation has started its activities. Pay special attention to quality and timely delivery to our customers has made ​​the company one of the largest manufacturers of thermoplastic elastomer compounds in the Country . « More

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  • Carbonated Drinks Lid Liner

    Carbonated Drinks Lid Liner :

    After two years with the team of research and development , this product has been added to the basket of goods of Amol Plastic Company , With this achievements , the country won't need to import this product. This product will be available .
  • Hoses With High Flexibility