About Amol Plastic Leetkooh Company

Amol Plastic Leetkooh
Amol Plastic Leetkooh Co. in 1386 in an area of 6500 square meters, with registration number 3074 located in Phase 2 Industrial Park, Amal Imamzade Abdollah compounds with the aim of producing a thermoplastic elastomer ( TPR, TPE ) with a production capacity of 7400 tons per year to domestic self-sufficiency and employment has started its activities. Pay special attention to quality and timely delivery to customers after 7 years the company has become one of the largest manufacturers of thermoplastic elastomer compounds in the country. Amol plastic company now has two production lines, purchased from the German Coperion Company , elements of the most prestigious European manufacturers are able to use different types of compounds thermoplastic elastomer , shoe sole , Plastic Modifier , Asphalt , Home Appliances , Hygienic , Building and Automotive industry to produce. Establishment of the research laboratory and certificate indicating quality of all claims of the company to maintain consistent quality.