Bitumen and Asphalt

Bitumen and Asphalt

Bitumen and Asphalt Photo Gallery An important component of asphalt is bitumen, and due to the low percentage (4 to 6 per cent) plays an important role in the consolidation. All roads will lead to improved bitumen properties. Advantages of Thermal Compound BL0101-b is as follows:

1. Having the properties of rubber and plastic simultaneously improves bitumen in high and low temperature . Polystyrene is causing the stiffness of asphalt at high temperature and low temperature Bvtady causes resistance to be broken.
2. Shyarshdn resistance raises
3. Raises resistance to thermal and mechanical fatigue.
4. Resistance to attrition raises
5. Resistance to aging and raises asphalt aging
6. Stability during storage ( depending on the specific compound formulations are prepared asphalt storage silo and there is no phase separation between the bitumen and the modifier )



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