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UPVC windows Gasket Seal

UPVC windows Gasket Seal Photo Gallery UPVC windows Gasket Seal is used to enhance performance. This product has special properties. This special formula seals with good resistance to ozone and discolored over time rather than crack.

Physical properties :

1. Color stability
2. UV resistance
3. Resistance to ozone

Standard color : gray
Special colors : white , black , vegetable

Sanitary Hose

Sanitary Hose Photo Gallery Due to health standards codified in the water inlet hoses Sinks, commented on the importance of the matter, the company is able to produce Lytkvh Amol Plastic Compound health certificate will have to be .

BL0101 hygienic compound with which each have a health certificate and are fully responsible for the technical supervision of production and consumption will be shipped after confirmation.

Shower Head

Shower Headt Photo Gallery The thermo which generated with code CL0106-S , with a special formulation that is capable of adhesion to ABS , is using in shower head .



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